Is he flirting with you or just a friendly dude?

What’s the difference between being friendly, joking around and flirting? I can’t seem to tell the difference.
Bill: Being friendly is showing politeness: “Hi, how are you?” Joking is trying to make someone laugh: “Hey, what’s with the hair?” And flirting is trying to get someone to notice you: “Hey, do you like this dress on me? Really? You’re just saying that....” Being friendly might result in a casual conversation. Flirting might result in a date.  And joking might result in a conversation, date or breakup. Class dismissed.
Dave: The difference is... There isn’t one. That’s what makes flirting so wonderful. You never quite know where you stand. Life would be boring without that tinge of doubt—was that a sly wink or just fluttering to get a lash out of the eye? Besides, if doubts about flirting didn’t exist, neither would Guy Q&A columnists. As for Bill’s hair comment, that’s not friendly, joking or flirting. Take it from a guy with goofy hair—that’ll get you nowhere.

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by Bill and Dave | 2/1/2016