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Why you should start keeping a dream journal

Have you ever had a cool, crazy dream that seems like it might be important (ex: llamas dance around in a circle and then your third grade teacher tells you something relevant to your life rn)? And are you one of those girlies who forgets your dreams five minutes after you wake up?

We've *all* been there, and it's so annoying to forget interesting dreams. Keeping a dream journal is a great way to keep track of what goes on in your brain as you sleep, and writing your dreams down right when you wake up can help you remember them for months and years down the line.

Read on for some tips for putting together your very own journal to record your dreams from your beauty sleep!

What is a dream journal?


Whether you go digital with your journal or keep an (aesthetic and adorable!) notebook, a dream journal is a place to record dreams so you remember them down the line.

It's easiest to write down your dream about cows showing up on your beach vacay and wearing your cute swimsuits when you first wake up, when you still recall the most details.

If you have to be on-the-go in the morning, it can be even simpler to record your dreams on your notes app or keep a folder on your computer where you describe your dreams and note the date when you had them.

Going the physical journal route, meanwhile, is the perfect excuse to go journal-shopping on Etsy or take a trip to your fave stationery store. It can be fun (and super cute, ofc!) to write in a pretty paper notebook, and a journal is a lovely decoration for your bedside table.

Why write down your dreams?


Keeping track of your wackiest dreams can be a fascinating glimpse into how your mind works. I've definitely dreamed about tests, tryouts and other things that are stressing me out. A stressful dream is *never* fun, but it can be helpful to figure out what's rising to the top of your subconscious (especially if it's something that you've suppressed IRL!).

No matter what you dream about, a dream can be a super crazy and interesting source of inspiration! If you're a creative writer, a weird dream might offer a fresh plotline for a story. You can also draw or paint your dream for an ah-mazing piece of art, completely unique to you!

Why are dreams so weird?


The best thing about recording your dreams is the chance to hold on to ones that you never would have remembered otherwise!

I have memories of dreams I've had in elementary school and middle school just from writing them down over the years. And rememebring your dreams is a cool way to learn more about yourself.

Try recording your dreams for a night or two (or whenever you remember them, if it's not that often). You'll be amazed at the bizarre, beautiful things that your brain invents!

What does your dream journal look like?
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by Ava Slocum | 9/18/2023