Get Quinn from Glee's cute look

Photograph of Quinn by Patrick Ecclesine/FOX
Looking to add the best of McKinley High’s ex-head Cheerio to your wardrobe? Since Quinn Fabray left the squad, this queen bee has stood out in the hall for her romantic dresses and cardis. Now you can too. With a few simple pieces, Quinn’s look is as good as yours.


The Dress

Quinn is all about dresses. Build your wardrobe off of cute, colorful, pattern dresses. Pay attention to the neck too: sweetheart necks up the romance in your look.

Floral Sweetheart Dress, $23,


The Cardigan

Quinn brings out one color in her dress through an open cardigan. Having some basic colors — pink, purple, blue, yellow, red and green — are a great way to prep your wardrobe for any dress (and keep yourself super warm).

Frenchi Ribbed Back Open Cardigan (in Palputaton), $19,


The Pendant Necklace

Quinn keeps her neck covered with a sweet charm necklace. Opt for unique and girly pendants in gold and silver to wear with your dresses.

Garden Gazebo Necklace, $20,


The Headband

Like her cardis, Quinn uses headbands to tie her look together. Wear with soft, curled hair for instant adorability.

 Bow Knot Headband (in Lavender), $16,


The Ballet Flats

Quinn keeps her footwear as effortless as her wardrobe with simple, solid flats. For bonus points, color coordinate your flats with your sweater and headband. Quinn digs control, and it’s apparent in her style. Let it rule yours too.

ASOS Lucky Grosgrain Point Ballet Pumps (in purple), $44,


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by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016