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Here's how to make your summer feel like a movie

Remember watching The Parent Trap and wishing you could spend your own summer at a sleepaway camp plotting with your new bestie (or secret twin sister)? How about wanting to recreate the iconic s'mores scene from The Sandlot? Or what about wishing you could spend a summer lakeside with your fam just like the characters in Grown Ups did?

We've all dreamed of having those magical movie-like summer moments, so why not make them a reality this sunny season? Take a page out of Hollywood's book and bring some movie magic into your real life by completing some of these summery activities...

Dance it out

No summer movie is complete without a dance sequence! This summer, grab your besties and dance it all out. Cue up Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and rock out to your fave songs, or make up some choreography so you're ready for a spontaneous flash mob moment The Kissing Booth 3-style. Or when you and your girls are all hanging in your bedroom getting ready for a fun night, take a second to grab some hairbrush microphones and dance along to an upbeat song to set the tone for a totally awesome evening.

Drive with the windows down

It wouldn't be a classic coming-of-age movie without a driving scene. And while those melancholic rainy scenes are super cinematic, let's aim for a more lighthearted vibe this summer. You can crank up your fave tunes during a road trip with your besties (bonus points if they're songs from a movie!), or you can lower your windows for a scenic and breezy night drive with some slower songs playing. Either way, you'll be having an iconic main character moment.

Play a family game of football

Some of the best summer comedies have family fun at their heart, so why should your summer be any different? Round up your family members (and BFFs!) and get ready for an epic game of touch football. Split into teams, put on your uniforms, get your game-time playlist going and prepare yourself for a hot afternoon full of laughs. And when the game is over, don't forget to cool off with a good old-fashioned water balloon fight!

Have a romantic picnic

Rom-coms that take place during the summer are positively swoon-worthy, so follow in High School Musical 2's footsteps by hosting a romantic picnic for you and your crush (you can have it on a rooftop garden or a country club golf course—your call!). Armed with some chocolate strawberries, sandwiches, lemonade and sweet tunes playing lowly in the background, you'll be living out your fairytale dreams!

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by Maggie Salter | 6/21/2024