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How to make your Instagram page more aesthetically pleasing

Curating a cohesive Instagram feed that looks like it could be a Pinterest board is kinda our obsession rn. If you're stuck in a creativity rut, peep our tips to turn your feed into a gorgeous collection...

Switch up the type of photos you post


If you feel like your profile is getting stale, it's probably because you're posting the same thing over and over again. So switch things up! Whether it's posting a pic with your friends when your page is full of selfies or snapping a scenic landscape when all your pics are group shots, adding some variety to what you're uploading can make IG feel fun again.

Don't be afraid to showcase your personality


Don't be afraid to start treating your IG the same way you treat your Pinterest boards! Focus on uploading whatever speaks to your soul (think: a pic of your cat Muffins, an artsy shot of your DIY lavender oat milk latte, a cute T-Swift get the idea). 

Learn the fundamentals of composition


Sometimes, you have everything you need to capture an aesthetically pleasing pic—good lighting, a killer outfit, a reliable camera—but something is just *off.* Usually, it's because the composition of your photo needs adjusting.

In photography, composition is the arrangement of all the elements in a single pic. Masters of composition are pros at taking pics that scratch the itch in your brain just right.

An easy one to start with is the rule of thirds, which divides an image into nine equal zones (think of an imaginary grid) and puts the subject at the intersection of one of the lines. Check out this tutorial to activate the rule of thirds camera grid on your iPhone!

Find inspo via your fave influencers


If you're struggling to find post inspo, look no further than the people who dominate the IG game. Whether it's a pro content creator or a celeb with the best photo dumps, having an muse to draw ideas from can help get your creative juices flowing.

But remember, don't let inspiration turn into imitation. Your page should be a reflection of *you* and your own unique style, not someone else's. Be yourself—everyone else is already taken!

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Top image: @jaymejo
Slider image: @dior.n.goodjohn


by Hana Tilksew | 5/14/2024