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Today is World Kindness Day! Here are 10 acts of kindness to get you started

Nov. 13 marks a worldwide celebratory event: World Kindness Day.

We know we could all benefit from acts of kindness—so why not start by spreading the love as much as you can? These 10 acts of kindness will help you get started!

And who knows, someone you help or support might even pass it forward...

Cook a meal for someone who is struggling

Is your bestie's mom feeling under the weather? Grandma recovering from surgery? Dad just feeling super overwhelmed with work? A meal is the perfect way to say, "Hey, I care about you." You don't have to cook anything fancy either! Whether it's a breakfast sandwich, soup and salad or one-pot casserole, a delish dish can cheer someone up and help support them in a very important way.

Look in the mirror and say three nice things about yourself

Acts of kindness should be applied to yourself, too! While it can be easy to neglect your own needs, being kind and supportive to Y-O-U will boost your confidence and give you more energy to help others. Struggling to come up with things to tell yourself? Think about what you admire in others and look inward, seeing what qualities you share with people you love and care for. 

Donate toys, books or blankets to a children's hospital

There are so many sick children that could benefit from the kindness of a stranger. Check with your local hospital to see if they have a wish list of items they need. 

Donate toiletries or clothing to a homeless shelter

Community work benefits everyone involved. Whether you donate a coat you don't wear anymore or a collection of travel-size toiletries, there are so many ways you can contribute to your neighborhood.

Refrain from spreading negativity online

Social media connects us all, but it is also a breeding ground for gossip, drama and negativity. It's easy to hide behind your screen and not realize the weight of your words, but it's even easier to refrain and instead choose to not interact.

Volunteer at a nursing home or assisted living facility

When people get caught up in their own lives, family members in nursing homes or assisted living facilities can get left behind. Even if they aren't *your* family members, they will appreciate the company you provide! You can play games, do crafts or simply chat with the residents. Contact your local facilities to see if they have volunteer opportunities available. 

Call, text or write a letter to a loved one

You never know when someone needs words of affirmation or appreciation. You love your loved why not remind them of it? Whether it's a text, phone call or an old-school letter (yep, sent via snail mail!), writing down things you love about them or what they mean to you is v. important.

Donate pet supplies to an animal shelter

Yes, animals are very much deserving of random acts of kindness! A lot of shelters are overflowing with animals in need and don't have the resources to meet the demand. You can check in with your local shelter to see what they're most in need of or donate towels, blankets, food, toys and leashes.

Write kind words on sticky notes to leave for loved ones 

This is a fun one! Leave sticky notes of fun doodles, words of encouragement or jokes around a loved one's home or on their bathroom mirror to surprise them. (This is also one you can do for yourself!)

Compliment a stranger

You know how good it feels for someone to go out of their way to compliment you. So why not switch it around and compliment someone else? Whether you say you like their outfit or their hair doesn't really matter—as long as you're genuine, you could really make someone's day.

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by Karigan Wright | 11/13/2023