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Easy ways to use creative visualization in your life

If you've been anywhere on the Internet for the last few years, you've probably seen terms like creative visualization, the Law of Attraction, manifestation or affirmation. While all these terms can be tricky to wrap your head around, they all center on the idea that you can attract what you want in your life by believing it will happen and turning it into reality.

There are so many great books, podcasts and more to get you started in your manifesting era (we love the classic Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and The Gem Goddess on YouTube!). But, tbh, learning to visualize and manifest can be overwhelming, especially when the school year is starting and you're busy with classes, HW and after-school ballet.

Here are three of the *easiest* ways to start using visualization in your life, even if you don't have time for 20-minute meditations every night (so real!). By taking just a minute every day to focus your good energy on reaching your goals in life, you could find yourself down with a case of Lucky Girl Syndrome in no time.

1) Write your affirmations down


Many people say that writing your affirmations is one of the best ways to get them to come true. Even better, it requires minimal effort.

If you're trying to manifest your spot on the school soccer team this year, spend a few moments writing a sentence or two (in present tense) about how happy you are to be on the team and how fulfilling soccer is for you on a piece of paper. (A cute notebook or your school planner is great, or even your phone's Notes app!)

Every time a doubt comes up, write that down as well, along with a counter-affirmation about why it can't be true. When you feel like you've sorted out all your insecurities, go back to writing the affirmation. Even just glancing at it throughout the day will give you a quick confidence boost to help you run out there and score some goals.

2) Manifest at night and in the morning


When you're rushing from school to tutoring to rehearsal *and* your teachers are piling on the HW (ugh), even writing affirmations down can seem like too much. On those extra-busy days, take just a sec as you unwind for the night to think about your goals for the next day.

This practice will offer you some built-in quiet time before you hit the hay, even if you're already lying in bed. Besides, your brain stores and organizes information while you sleep, so visualizing things you want to have happen (like a A on the chem test) just before you close your eyes will let your mind and body process that goal overnight.

If you can take a moment when you wake up, the morning is also a good time to make affirmations and set intentions! Even just a thought about your goals and desires before you start the day can add some helpful focus to a hectic sched.

3) Remind yourself what you're grateful for


This is more a mindset trick than a concrete action, but it will help your manifestations and visualizations flourish. While you work on manifesting your dream life, save some positive energy for the things you're already happy to have, whether it's your amazing friends, your mom's banana bread or your fave books that make your life so colorful.

Besides being an instant mood boost, taking time to recognize the things that you appreciate now is a great way to show the universe how thankful you'll be for the things you're about to get. Approach every day like you're already living the life you've always wanted, and soon you truly will be!

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by Ava Slocum | 9/23/2023