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Your ultimate Sunday to-do list

Last minute studying? Boring chores? Procrastinating? If those words come to mind when you think of Sundays, you're not alone. Sundays are notorious for being filled with feelings of overwhelm and nerves about the week to come—and sometimes, doing the stuff you dread (as fun as dishes and physics HW sound).

But plot twist: It doesn't need to be that way. With a trusty to-do list, Sundays can become your fave days. Time to say bye-bye to those Sunday Scaries once and for all by following our trusty list! 

Finish your assignments (and get ahead, too) 

First things first: It's time to hit play on your study playlist and get working. If Sundays tend to be a day when you suddenly realize you haven't done your HW from Friday yet, you're not alone. Say no to procrastination (no matter how hard it is to resist scrolling through cute puppy vids) and get to work! And if you're a real go-getter? It's time to get ahead on your work for the rest of the week if you can. You go, girl! 

Pick your outfits for the week 

Waking up groggy and confused + having to pick out an outfit = a recipe for disaster. That's why we'd recommend picking out your fits on Sundays. Check the weather forecast, consider which days you have certain requirements for what to wear (like days you have gym or if it's spirit week) and have fun with it! Blast your fave tunes and have a total fashion show as you try on different possible fits.

Meal prep 

As the week goes on, and the more tired you get, the harder it can become to make your meals. That's why meal prepping is the solution! If you're new to it, it basically involves lots of containers and sticking things in the freezer, but we've got all the deets for you right here.


A clean space makes for a clear mind! It's time to clean everything: Vacuum in your room, dump out your backpack (extra points for sharpening fresh pencils!), do your laundry and change your bedding. Bc tbh, the absolute *best* way to start the week on a positive note is to make sure everything in your life is nice and tidy. 

Take an *everything* shower or bath 

As you prob know by now, we are *big* fans of the ~everything~ shower (aka a spa-like experience). It's time to set the tone for the week as nothing but zen and treat yourself to a luxurious shower or bath experience. Set aside an hour to bask in hot water as you wash, shave, exfoliate, shampoo, condition, mask...and everything else you can think of!  

Make a plan 

Tbh, the Sunday Scaries can be like a fog, making the whole week ahead seem terrifying. But it doesn't have to be like that! It's time to nix that Sunday dread by making a plan to look forward to. Whether you make a study date with your bestie after school or plan to hike with your sibs next weekend, you'll be oh-so glad you did.

Make a schedule 

Sometimes, it can feel like your thoughts, deadlines and to-dos are swirling around your head. That's where scheduling comes in! We'd recommend making a list (whether on paper or in your notes app is totally up to you) of everything up ahead. Next, break it down into each day and based on when things are due to make everything feel much less overwhelming (and pro-tip: make 3 lists—one "must-do," one "should-do" and one "if time").


Another amaze way to organize your thoughts? Journaling everything that comes to mind. We'd recommend doing this before bed to help you unwind, but no matter when you do it, it'll help you feel at least a little more at ease and ready to take on the week.

Get to bed early 

PSA: Sleep is *so* important. How much sleep you get on Sunday can influence how you feel the rest of the week. And if you need a bedtime routine upgrade? We've got you covered.

What's your fave Sunday task? Tell us on Twitter @girlslifemag!

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 9/17/2023