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How to show yourself love in every love language

It's the year of self-care, and the first step is learning how to show yourself some love. And who says that the five love languages can't be applied to yourself? It's time to learn all about ways to practice self-care—bc what's more important than that? Focus on the love language that speaks to you the most, or just use all five.

1. Quality time: Set aside time for your fave hobby 

If your love language is quality time, this is your sign to grab your cal and block out some time for your fave hobby. Whether it's scrapbooking, painting or baking, you'll be glad you did! And not sure what hobby is *so* you? Take this quiz to find out!

2. Words of affirmation: Write yourself a love letter 

Writing a love letter is one of the best feelings ever—and writing one to yourself? Even better! Hit play on your fave tunes (Speak Now, TV anyone??) and write every single thing you heart about yourself to feel allll the love. 

3. Gifts: "Gift" yourself something special 

If gift-giving is your love language, it's time to gift yourself something special. Whether you buy yourself flowers as Miley would want or opt for that Glossier lip balm that'll complete your collection, you deserve all the presents! And btw, giving gifts to yourself doesn't require spending any money. (Pro tip: You can always gift yourself experiences, like going on a hike or heading to the local pool.)

4. Acts of service: Cook yourself your fave meal 

Acts of service are all about going out of your way to do kind things. One way to give yourself an act of service is to cook something yummy for yourself. It may take some time and hard work, but it'll feel oh-so-good to savor a meal you make just for Y-O-U. And we've got you covered with all the recipes here.

5. Physical touch: Give yourself a spa treatment 

If the physical touch love language resonates with you, it's time to have a much-deserved spa day. Grab your fave face mask and your puffiest robe to start off the day. And to make it a true spa day, we challenge you to take a total break from checking your phone—that way you'll be able to *actually* focus on zenning out with all your fave masks, scrubs and essential oils

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 9/8/2023