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Listen to these big sister podcasts to feel like your best self

PSA: Podcasts are in. Whether you're on your hot girl walk or on a summer road trip with the fam, listening to uplifting and inspiring advice helps you channel your inner That Girl energy. But these podcasts aren't like those typical lecture notes you need to catch up on. These pods make you feel like you're actually *in* the room having a chat with your big sister. If you're a newbie listener, here are four big sister podcasts to get you started. 

1. Moments Podcast—Lexi Hidalgo


Hosted by influencer Lexi Hidalgo, the Moments Podcast is the perfect escape to feel understood and good about yourself. We all know Lexi as the bright and positive big sister on TikTok through her candid beachy videos—*such* a vibe. In her episodes, Lexi gives us the inside scoop on how to feel at peace with yourself in a difficult life, living in every moment. 

Episodes include: "Moments out of your comfort zone," "Moments in my notes app" and "Moments struggling with body image"

2. On My Mind—Ava Jules 


Anxious about growing up? Ava Jules is that big sister who gives you *all* the tea. Navigating your life in your teens can be difficult, but these episodes give you an inside look into life as a young adult. Ranging from travel guides to journal prompts that change your life, you'll find everything you need. 

Episodes include: "My Guide to Having a 'Hot Girl Summer,'" "Relationship Horror Stories" and "Crazy College Stories!" 

3. Sister Cult—Mya & Belen Benway


Mya and Belen will *actually* make you feel like you're all sisters having a late-night sesh on crazy experiences, astrology, skincare and crushes. You're in for the ultimate girl talk you've been too scared to have with your mom. Just like any of these podcasts, you'll feel like you're sitting on a couch with your besties during those late hours of a sleepover.

Episodes include: "GIRL TALK- makeup 101!!," "reading your UNHINGED confessions" and "WHY WE WANT TO BE YOUR ASTROLOGY SIGN"

4. Out of Line—Brynn Rumfallo & Kelsey Millar


Dance Moms fan, anyone? Professional dancer Brynn and her bestie Kelsey reveal their challenges of entering adulthood. You'll find out what it's like in the dance industry, but you'll also hear tons of advice on relationships and career paths. This dynamic duo gives us laughs, heart and much-needed honesty about growing up. 

Episodes include: "Say Goodbye to Toxic Relationships," "We're real adults!? Life after dance" and "The boy advice you NEED to hear" 

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by Anne Chen | 7/20/2023