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The ultimate summer bucket list for your staycation

Dying to make your Pinterest boards come to life? You've come to the right place. We've assembled the *ultimate* summer bucket list for your staycation. Bc having an aesthetic Insta-worthy summer doesn't even require leaving home!

Paint a happy memory

Channel your inner artist and paint pretty pictures based on camera roll photos that bring you joy (your pup? A pretty sunset? An abstract print?). You'll have tons of fun doing it *and* finish off with some adorable new room decor.

Bake something ~extra~

This is your sign to bake something fancier than just your basic chocolate chip cookies. With more time on your hands now that summer's here, have fun with it! Whether it's macarons, ciabatta bread or a giant cake, try your hand at that one recipe you've been wanting to make.

Host a tea party


Cultivate cottagecore energy with an aesthetic tea party. And ofc, it wouldn't be complete without your fave fancy treats (finger sandwiches anyone?).

Have a picnic


Grab a blanket and some delish treats, go outside and enjoy! And for an extra adorable setup, opt for bringing it to the beach.

Watch a movie...outside!


The only thing better than a movie night with your squad? An outdoor movie night! Bring the screen outside and enjoy a movie under the stars.

Go to the library

This is your sign to romanticize reading at your local library. A good book + a delish drink from the café = *so* Insta story-worthy.

Try a nature trail


Snag some fresh air, exercise and gorg nature photos on a nearby hike or trail.

Scrapbook your memories

Print your fave pics of summer mems and pair them with sentimental objects to paste into a book. Scrapbooking is a therapeutic way to relax and relive amazing moments.

Try a new ice cream flavor


That lavender flavor at the local ice cream store that's been calling your name? It's time to try it without looking back, bb.

Hit up your local thrift store

Thrifting trendy *and* cheap clothes? Just about the best feeling ever. Call up your bestie and go to the closest thrift store with them. And if you're up for a challenge—set a timer for 10 minutes and see who can find something for the other person that they love. 

Make friendship bracelets


It's true, friendship bracelets *never* go out of style. Grab some embroidery floss, watch or read a tutorial if you need to and give it a go. And the best part of it all is the look on your BFF's face when you surprise them with this sweet sentiment.

Reorganize your room

The school year can get...well...hectic, to say the least. It's time to *finally* dust off your bookshelf and reorganize your gel pen collection. And if you're worried to get rid of things, we know that with a few tips, you'll be just fine.


The *best* way to spend a summer at home is to give back to your community. With all of the chaos ensuing in the world, not only is volunteering and giving back when you can an amazing feeling, but it's a way to make a true impact. Reach out to local organizations to see if they have openings for volunteers. Chances are, they would love your help.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 7/13/2022