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How to empower and uplift the women in your life

Happy National Women's Day, GL girls! This day is *all* about celebrating the amaze women in your life, so it's only right that we share some tips on how to show some love to the ladies you heart. 

Boost your bestie's self esteem
Empowered women empower women, amiright? Encourage and compliment the girls around you, so they can go on to empower others, too. Celebrate their accomplishments just like you would want them to celebrate yours. 

Be a role model
Lift others up and make sure that you're being a good example for any other women in your life. From your little sister to the younger students at your school, there's tons of people that look up to you. Advocate for those around you, be a good listener and offer support to all. 

Shut down negativity around you
Women are constantly exposed to critical beauty standards, from how they look to how they act. Fight negativity online and IRL by giving out compliments and making it clear that you won't stand around if a girl is being bullied. 

Fight for women's rights
Be part of the movement towards empowering all women, everywhere, by fighting for women's rights. Whether you write letters advocating for a certain legislation, help register people to vote or attend a women's rights march, get ready to fight against injustice. 

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by Serena Sherwood | 3/8/2022