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Start (or continue) your antiracism education on Insta ASAP

Pride Month has come to an end, but the revolution is here to stay. It is not enough to simply be "not racist" in America. The only way to dismantle the systemic racism that this country was built on is to be actively antiracist, and that starts with you. But where do you start? 

The Black Lives Matter movement is about more than police brutality: it is about injustice and the pursuit to protect Black lives more broadly. For example, why is the average life expectancy of a Black trans woman only 35 years? Why is climate change affecting Black communities more than white ones?

It's time to get educated, and it starts with your social media. If you are seeing fewer posts about Black Lives Matter and the revolution, it's time to refresh and diversify your feed. The influencers, activists and educators below feature Black and queer women of various faiths, as well as some accounts designed specifically for resource sharing. 

If you want to learn more about antiracism, following these Instagram accounts is a great way to get started. 



This account provides the opportunity to dive into antiracist media that should be on everyone's must list. If you are just getting started in activism and want to learn as much as possible, this is a great place to start in your search for resources, thoughtful recommendations and ways to take action against injustice in your community and beyond.



What is postcolonialism? Did you know that the first Pride was a riot led by Black trans women? If you want a lesson on these questions (and so, so many more) regarding race, gender, sexuality and beyond, The Slow Factory has you covered. Plus, the learning and unlearning of your habits gives *so* many opportunities to grow as an ally and an activist! 



Getting uncomfortable is a v important part of antiracism work. Check your privilege and unpack your white supremacy (as well as learn what that all means) by following the work of Layla F. Saad. Listen to Layla's Good Ancestor podcast or take a Good Ancestor Academy masterclass to get involved with her work. Once you follow, subscribe to Layla's Patreon and support her - she puts in a lot of emotional labor to educate us all!



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Aside from serving some *amaze* looks on their Insta, Black and queer activist Walela Nehanda spends a lot of time educating their followers on undercovered issues in the Black Lives Matter movement, such as IGTV videos on "The Duty of the Artist in a Revolution" and "Medical Apartheid and the Need to Center Disability Justice." Walela has also opened up about their journey to get a stem cell transplant for leukemia.



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Ericka Hart, an inspiring Black, Queer activist, writer and sex educator, can help you rethink what you perceive about *everything* through a new lens. Ericka is thought-provoking and works to challenge her followers' assumptions about racism, history and capitalism. Having hard conversations is crucial right now, especially with yourself.



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Blair Amadeus Imani is a brilliant Black, Muslim, bisexual author whose Instagram account explores her intersectional life (gorgeous selfies included), as well as thoughtful history lessons to help her followers relearn what they thought they knew about American history. Blair is a historian who has written the books Modern Herstory and Making Our Way Home.

There is no one way to develop an antiracist lifestyle and become a better ally. It will take a lot of time and hard work, but it is vital to creating a better future.

Get inspired by these incredible activists and educators to kickstart your education, and then take another action step: Sign petitions, donate to mutual aid funds and get active in your community's antiracism efforts.

How are you hoping to take action against racism in your community? 

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by Molly Greenwold | 7/6/2020