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How can you gain the confidence to post online? Teen influencers tell all

Mustering the courage to share content online is *not* easy. Displaying your talents on social media can be daunting; by putting yourself out there, you're simultaneously opening up a window for negative comments to come through.

Judgmental jabs—whether privately messaged or situated directly under a post—are practically inevitable when projecting what you're most passionate about. Indeed, an influx of hate often causes us to retreat and reduce the quantity of content we release. But instead of backing away, try to acknowledge the strength that lies within: you have so much to offer in the digital world, so don't shy away from letting your individuality shine. Being unique is not to be ashamed of—in fact, originality what makes your page stand out and may empower others to express themselves as well. Next time you find yourself stuck in a cycle of insecurities and self-doubt, adopt one of the following tips given by teen influencers to up your esteem and boost your courage (P.S. It was inside you all along!).

Build a tribe.


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"Start with a few people that you trust and who you can be yourself around," suggests Dance Moms star Sarah Georgiana. "Once you begin posting pictures, quotes, favorite foods and things you believe in with a trusted group, then you can start to establish a bigger audience. Always remember that it's your page. You have the right to remove, block, add or subtract anyone at any time."

Make peace with your mistakes.


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"It's okay to make some errors along the way," asserts McKenzi Brooke, a popular TikTok creator with over 4.7M followers. "Honestly, I didn't like social media at first because I was afraid of being judged, but then I learned about how much of an amazing platform it is. It allows us to share ideas and make a difference. Laugh at any mistakes and simply acknowledge them as a natural part of your journey."

Post content you're proud of.


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"Putting out posts that you're confident about and you love is most important," shares actress Talin Silva, who plays Jade on Brat TV's Chicken Girls. "There will always be haters, but you need to just ignore them and never let them get to you."

Disregard any negativity.


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"Haters are always trolling the internet. If you happen to run into one, use that block button!" exclaims singer and TikTok influencer Savannah Maddison. "Remind yourself that comments from haters are a reflection of them and aren't really about you. Choose to be confident in your own skin instead, and always spread kindness."

Don't be afraid to be different.


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"The only thing that has ever worked in growing my social media is to stop trying to be like other girls," declares TikTok star Madi Webb. "Plenty of people have made fun of my account over the years, but you can't let others' jealousy or insecurities affect you. Eventually, you'll attract other people who relate to your content and be able to build a better following that's more relevant to your brand."

Learn to practice self-love.

"A huge, helpful hand in not being embarrassed to post online is feeling self-assured and loving yourself!" exclaims singer and social media influencer Bria Michelle. "If you're comfortable with who you are, you won't care what others think. No matter what comments people make, you should feel happy inside and out."

Do what makes you happy.


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"At first, I struggled with posting my song covers and photos, but I've recognized that I shouldn't listen to what anyone says," asserts pop artist Casey Baer. "Everyone has their own opinion. Post what you like, not what you think people will like. Be who you want to be, not who you think everyone wants you to be."

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by Carrie Berk | 5/8/2020