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How this 17 year old is helping fight hunger


When Katie Stagliano was just 9 years old she brought home a cabbage seedling from school. With tons of love and care, that seedling became a 40 pound cabbage. When young Katie saw the enormous size of her cabbage, she knew that she would be able to help people, so she donated it to a local soup kitchen. The cabbage was used to feed over 275 people! Katie was moved by the experience. "As I served my cabbage to the guests and they thanked me for helping to feed them I knew I could and I should do more to help." Katie went home that day and immediately got to work.

She decided to start a program called Katie's Krops that builds vegetable gardens across the country to help feed the hungry. To finance her dreams, the young business lady reached out to Fields of Families for help and got her school to donate land for a garden. She even entered and won a t-shirt design contest from


Now, at age 17, Katie has 83 gardens across the US and was named one of 30 Under 30 for the University of California's Global Food Initiative. Katie says that she wants more people to join her efforts against hunger. "Growing vegetables is fun and it's so great to help people. If I can do it, anyone can...My hope is that Katie's Krops will inspire lots of others to help in the fight against hunger."

There are many ways that *you* can help out Katie! One way to get involved is to donate by visiting her site here. You could also take a peek at Katie's wishlist, where she has a listed a bunch of supplies that you could send to her. Hey, you could always use an excuse to go shopping, right? But if you really want to help out your entire community, you could start your own garden with the support of Katie's Krops to get you going! Katie is offering a ton of assistance to those who want to help make her dreams come true. So be sure to check it out!

Information and photo credit: Katie's Krops

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by Hayley Anderson | 7/19/2016