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How the First Lady is helping to Let Girls Learn--and what you do to get involved

Imagine not having the opportunity to attend school. Think about what it would be like to struggle every day just to stay in school. For over 62 million girls across the world, those are realities. Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, simply could not ignore the lack of education so many girls across the globe face any longer, so she began the Let Girls Learn initiative.

Through Let Girls Learn, the First Lady hopes to not only provide educations for adolescent girls who do not receive them, but also to encourage those young ladies to grow stronger and make a difference in their own communities. Since Michelle and President Barack Obama launched their initiative in March 2015, it has steadily made progress in carrying out its girl power mission. The Obama's travels to Japan, London, Africa, and more all sparked new endeavors to expand Let Girls Learn.

More recently, Michelle Obama, her mother and her daughters Sasha and Malia ventured to Liberia and Morocco to spread their message even further. The Peace Corps initially reported that Let Girls Learn was helping 11 countries when it began, but as of March 2016, it increased its reach to 35. Michelle Obama proves to be unstoppable in spreading Let Girls Learn further and further. As more projects develop and more money is donated, Let Girls Learn continues to thrive.

After learning about Let Girls Learn, are you inspired to help girls your age obtain proper educations? There are multiple ways to spread awareness among your own community. By simply knowing about this initiative, you can already help. Bring attention to this ongoing problem just by spreading the word. Use this Let Girls Learn toolkit to assist you in fundraising, hosting events, and increasing awareness all on your own. Maybe try planning a fun bake sale or car wash to collect donations for the Let Girls Learn cause. Perhaps encourage yourself and others to donate to the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn fund. Or just take some time to share your knowledge about the initiative with your family and friends.

Read up on the Let Girls Learn initiative to learn more about it. Sign the pledge to make a difference for the 62 million girls who cannot go to school. Through Let Girls Learn, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of 62 million girls who are in need of valuable educations. Be inspired to make a change and help these girls–and the world–grow and succeed.

What do you think of the Let Girls Learn initiative? In what ways will you help change the lives of 62 million girls across the world who are in need of educations? 

Photo credit: Michelle Obama.


by Megan Holt | 7/7/2016