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GIRL TALK: Lazy Days Of Summer?

It's almost summer and my parents are expecting me to find a job. I'm only 13. Last year I did baby-sit for a boy but I don't really want to baby-sit him again. They think I'll be sitting at home watching TV and getting on the computer.  But I don't want them to think I'll do that and I've told them. How can I get them to trust me and still find a part time job? Cause aren't summers for fun, not for jobs, or full-time ones at least?


Summers are totally for fun, but they're also prime time to save up some moolah and show the rents that the 13-year-old you is responsible enough to handle whatever comes your way. To gain their trust, you need to be actively seeking a job. That doesn't mean filling out one or two applications and hanging out until someone calls you back. It means working every day, filling out applications and making calls to check on the status of your application, going in for interviews if neccessary until you get hired. It might make your first few weeks of summer hectic - but hey, you've got nearly three whole months off!

Think about what kind of job you would want. Depending on your state, there might not even be very many opportunities for a 13-year old to hold a full-time job. If you do enjoy babysitting, find  parents who only need help a few times a week. If not, consider your other options. If you chose a camp that doesn't run all summer long, you could camp counselor or CIT for the duration (some only last a few weeks or a month) and then enjoy the rest of your summer hanging with your friends. Also, find out what your friends are doing! Maybe someone has a really cool summer job and their boss is looking to take on another person. Even if your parents are sticklers about the every-day work thing, working with a friend will make it so much more fun!


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by GL | 2/1/2016