"How do I make new friends this year?" We're answering *all* your friendship Qs

No matter what your friendship vibe is (find yours here!), every girl needs a genuine go-to crew. And whether you're looking to deepen your existing bestie bond or just widening your squad, we're refreshing you on everything from making new friends to taking your BFFship to the total true-blue level. 

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Watch the video below or read on for *all* the answers to your friendship Qs...

"What qualities should you look for in a friend?" - Ellie C., 14

Our honest advice? Start by seeking out pals who share your interests: "You're staying late to practice for semifinals? Me too!" or "Can you believe what happened on last night's episode?!" are super easy convo starters. People who share your sense of humor, push you to grow toward your goals and accept your authentic self are must-have friends in your squad. Kindness, reliability and honesty round out our list.

"How do you reach out to a new friend?" - Mariah J., 13

Be sincere: "Hey, I like you and I want to hang out more" might feel awkward in the moment, but it's genuinely the simplest way to begin your bond. When you put yourself on the line and are vulnerable, you show that you are willing to put your heart into the friendship (and who wouldn't want a friend like that?). Try not to put too much pressure on the situation: A natural "let's grab dinner after practice" can go a long way.

GL interns and IRL besties Riley (left) and Miriam (right) are all smiles when they're together.

"What friendship advice would you give your younger self?" - Kaylee S., 15

Prioritize the many amazing friendships in your life, from your lab partner who cracks you up (but you never see outside of class) to the BFF who's been there since Day One. You can't replicate the same vibe with every single person…and that's OK. Find friends who feed your soul and make you feel energized, accepted and inspired. 

"How can I be a good friend?" - Addison E., 14

Be aware of what your friends are going through, whether it's amazing or awful. Empathy is everything, so celebrate their happiest times and stand by them when life feels tough. The point of friendship is to learn from one another, so try to understand each other even when you don't agree. And, of course, have fun together and put in the work to make your friends smile! 

GL intern Jasmine (left) strikes a pose with her BFF Chloe.

What's your favorite friendship advice?
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by GL | 9/22/2021