The best challenges to kick off the new year with your BFFs


With the start of 2020, you're probably feeling *super* motivated, whether it's getting (and staying) organized or eating less midnight Taco Bell (although that's totally acceptable every once in a while!). And there really is no better way to keep up that can-do attitude than with the support of your friends. Try one of these challenges with your besties...because together, you can do anything, right?

If you can't go 10 minutes without checking your Snapchat or Insta this seven-day "detox". You and your friends will spend more time actually with each other, instead of staring at screens, which is a huge bonding opp. Plus, if you really are going through withdrawal, it's only one week so it's not too much to handle. 

If you want to be stronger (and have super-toned arms) this month of bicep-building workouts. Your squad doesn't have to join a gym to do it, either. You can do all the exercises at home or at your school's gym after class. By spring break, your arms will be *killer*, and you will all feel closer after pushing each other through the tough exercises.

If you want to be a seriously *good* girl this kindness challenge. You'll feel so good about yourself and that positivity will rub off on your besties, and earn you major karma points. The girls who give back together, stay together!

If you've always wanted your own book club...start one with this reading challenge. It's a great chance for you not only to finally tackle that reading list, but also to grow your friendships. Because what bonding is better than the kind you do over good books, yummy snacks and lots of laughs? 

If your bestie is always getting down about this self-love challenge. Your whole crew will build killer confidence and being vulnerable is a great way to make your friendships stronger. You might be surprised at what you learn about each other!

Do your friends motivate you to be your best self? Let us know below!

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by Amanda Tarlton | 12/30/2019