9 reasons to celebrate your siblings on National Siblings Day


Tomorrow is National Siblings Day and we thought we would remind you of all the things you can appreciate about having a sibling even if they drive you nuts sometimes. Whether or not your brother or sister is your best friend you still have a unique relationship with them that you won’t ever have with anyone else and that is totally something to celebrate. Not to mention there are things you get from that relationship you might not get from anyone else. Here are nine reasons we all love our sibs, for better or for worse.

They totally get your weird family traditions. They know the story behind that strange nickname only your fam uses, know all the made up rules to that backwards game of Monopoly you always play on Thanksgiving and don’t bat an eye when your cousin starts the annual egg fight on Easter. Yeah you could explain those things to a friend but no one will ever understand it the way your sibling does because to them it's normal not odd. 

They are always honest about how you look. You will never have to worry about your sibling lying to you about how you look because they will take any opportunity to make fun of you. And while they might make fun of you for that not-so-trendy outfit you thought was cool, it also means you won’t actually leave the house in it and save yourself some embarrassment.

Everything is a competition. You *hate* losing to your sibling and they *hate* losing to you so you compete over everything from grades to who gets the bathroom first in the morning. Sometimes the competitions get ugly but if you really think about it, your sibling is pushing you to be the best person you can be and vice versa. 

Telepathic communication is real. If you have a sibling, you’ve definitely experienced that moment when you look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking and you communicate using your facial expressions. For example, your dad does something silly...

You: raised eyebrow= what is dad even doing?
Sibling: shoulder shrug= who knows.
You: smile= its kind of funny.
Sibling: Mischevious grin= let’s make fun of him.

Then there’s a nod of agreement and you both attack with an onslaught of clever jokes.

They expect others to respect you. Believe it or not your sibling respects you for who you are and therefore they expect others to do the same. In their eyes they are the only one who gets to pick on you. If someone hurts your feelings or doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated you can count on your sibling to stick up for you.

They understand your off-beat sense of humor. You never have to censor yourself around your sibling because they probably have the same cray sense of humor as you and are the only ones who will appreciate the twisted jokes you would have to filter around others.

They know the real you. You’ve grown up with them which means they have seen you at your worst and at your best. We all are guilty of keeping sides of ourselves concealed in public because we don’t want people to judge us but we never have to be anything but ourselves around our siblings.

You will always have an ally. You might go head to head a lot but it only takes a split second for your sibling to switch sides and be your most loyal ally. Whether you are going up against parents, friends or even boyfriends, your sibling will always have your back.

They will be your oldest friend. Friends will come and go throughout your life. You may even drift away from some of your extended family, but your brother and sister will always be there and each year you will grow closer.

What's your favorite thing about your sibling? Sound off in the comments below!

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by Maddie Smith | 4/9/2017
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