Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I have to switch schools and don't want to leave my friends"

Dear Carol,

My district had a vote on changing the boundary lines in our town—and they chose the worst possible outcome. Me and some of my friends now have to switch to the other middle and high school. I have worked so hard to make friends this year, and they have really helped me through my anxiety. Now I'll have to leave a lot of them for another school.

- Switching Schools

Dear Switching Schools,

Change isn't always bad, and fortunately some friends are switching with you. There's a bright side to having a clean slate and making a fresh start. Other girls and guys will want to meet you, so during the first weeks of your new school, be your best self even if you sometimes feel like saying, "I miss my old school" or even "I hate it here!" If you're outgoing and upbeat, and you get involved in a sport or play or extracurric, you'll make new friends, I promise. You can keep up with current friends, too, by calling and texting and making plans. And if you do your best, your new teachers will think of you as a shining star. I switched schools three times before college, two because of my parents and one because I chose to spend 12th grade in France with a program called School Year Abroad, Never easy, but I'm glad my world kept getting bigger.

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by GL | 8/9/2022