Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I know if I have my period?"

Dear Carol, 

I don't think I have my period yet, but I have a lot of discharge, and I'm always wet down there. Is this normal? This morning I woke up and there was a bunch of brownish-red blood in my underwear. This happened to me before, but not this much! Is it my period? And how do I tell my mother?

- Period Or Not?

Dear Period Or Not?,

Normal. I think you are indeed getting your period, and soon it will become more regular. Why not say, "Mom, this is awkward, but I'm starting to get my period. My underwear has blood in it. Can we buy some pads and stuff?" She can help you have liners, pads, tampons or even cups and special underwear at the ready, which will give you extra confidence. You'll figure this all out (and it helps to remember that there are early bloomers and late bloomers, but everyone blooms). 

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by GL | 4/19/2022