Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I want to be closer with my dad"

Dear Carol,
I am 12, and my dad and I rarely talk. He is never home except for Sundays, and he watches TV or does something to get away from me. It is frustrating. I have talked to him, but there is no difference.
-Mad At Dad

Dear Mad At Dad,
Ouch, that’s hard. If talking about talking did not help, try other tactics. Watch a little TV together, thank him for something, ask about his week or about what summers were like for him as a kid. Can you find something you both enjoy (a sport or music or snack)? Offer to run an errand with him or say, “Let’s go out for lunch tomorrow, just us.” You may not be able to change him much, but don’t give up yet. Ask your mom for ideas, too. And if you do manage to snag a moment with him, don’t use it to gripe—use it to bond.

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by GL | 6/15/2017
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