Dear Carol

Dear Carol, I don't know whether to be on my mom's side or my dad's

Dear Carol,
A year ago, my dad started cheating on my mom. The lady my dad is cheating with is nice to me. My dad really likes her, but my mom hates her. My dad thinks I like her, and I do. But my mom thinks I hate her, and I do kind of. I don't know whose side to be on, and I'm scared to upset my parents.
—Whose Side

Dear Whose Side,
You don't really have to pick sides. Yes, it is possible to like and hate someone at the very same time. Adult relationships can be messy but, ideally, you'll keep getting along with both your mom and dad even if they no longer get along with each other. I'm sorry for what you're going through. Hang in there and, when your mom says negative things about the other woman, just listen and give your mom a hug. She could probably use a little extra love right now.

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by Dear Carol | 5/18/2017