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Your phone is keeping you from living your life to the fullest

It's so easy to become addicted to your phone, with all of its cool apps and functions. Whether you're Snapchatting, scrolling through Instagram or texting friends and family your phone take up a large amount of your time and attention on a daily basis. 

Since smartphones are such huge parts of our lives, we tend to simply forget that there are so many reasons why we should be putting down our phones and connecting with the people and things around us.

1. Be present
Do you want to remember watching snaps of your friend at that awesome school football game or do you want to remember how much fun you had at that same game with your best friends? When you put down your phone, it allows you to give your all to the moment. It's always fun to capture memories in a pic or video, but don't let your precious time be solely about Instagram. Enjoy every minute of what you're doing with the most special people in your life.

2. Be social
University of Essex did a study that found that people constantly on their phones experience lower quality relationships than people that aren't. Texting is great way to connect, but talking face-to-face and actually laughing out loud with someone is so much better! We promise.

3. Be happy
Socials can make anyone's life seem like the most adventurous and exciting life. But remember that when you're looking at someone's social feed, you're most likely seeing the highlight reel—all the good stuff. Instead of focusing on other's posts, just focus on living your life to the fullest. When you do, your life will be so exciting you probably won't even have time to snap it!

4. Sleep better
You've probably had nights where you've gotten into your bed at a reasonable hour...but then proceeded to stay up for another two hours scrolling through your phone. Many of us have done it. Bet you didn't know that the effect of looking at your luminous cell phone can push back sleep time twice as long as caffeine can. That means less sleep for your body to prepare for the day ahead. Yikes!

5. Stress less
Ever felt that *buzz* from a text, but when you check your phone you don't have any messages? Your body is so stressed out from constantly receiving messages and being connected to a world you’re not physically in you experience these "phantom vibrations." Give your mind a rest by shutting off your phone and taking some time to relax. Read a book, take a walk or grab a cat nap. You'll feel so much better.

6. Do more
You can get lost in your phone, liking pictures or streaming movies. Before you know it, hours have passed and your whole day is gone. Taking a break from your phone will allow you to do more with your day and really focus on what you want to accomplish before you go to sleep that night. 

7. Be safe
Texting or looking at your phone while doing certain activities can be very dangerous. NEVER text or use your phone while driving. You can seriously hurt yourself and others. While we're at it, don't text or check socials while you're walking, either. That misstep can walk you right into a pole, a car, a cyclist—anything.

So, this week we challenge you to put down your phone and see how it enhances your life. One day you’ll look back and be happy you chose to live in the moment.

How long can you go without checking your phone? What could you accomplish during your phone break?


by Emily Stephenson and Lauren McMillan | 10/1/2017
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