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Your ultimate guide to wisdom teeth removal

Another six months have passed and you're sitting pretty confident in the dentist chair knowing you're cavity-free. From using mouthwash every night to keeping up with flossing, you've got nothing to sweat. That is, until your X-rays come in and show four wisdom teeth growing in fast.

When it comes to wisdom teeth removals, you've probably seen the aftermath of the infamous procedure—a person who's all loopy and saying silly things for all of the internet to see.

As entertaining as these might be to watch, when you're in the hot seat of getting your wisdom teeth removed, it can totally be scary not knowing what you're getting into. Put your worries to ease, babe: We've got all the before and after tips to successfully get through your wisdom teeth removal.

Before your surgery

Go on a soft-food grocery trip


This might be one of the few times your parents give you the go-ahead on ice cream for dinner. After your surgery, you won't be able to reach for all those yummy, crunchy snacks in your pantry. Make sure to stock up on all kinds of soft food like mashed potatoes, soup, Jello and anything that won't require much (or any) chewing. 

It's also important to make sure you're getting nutrients during this time to speed up your healing process. Add some fruits and veggies to your cart to make some delicious power-up smoothies (just remember to eat them with a spoon, bc no straws for a little bit).

Start sipping pineapple juice


Aside from giving *such* tropical vibes, this summer fruit is one to keep near you before your surgery.  Pineapple has an enzyme called Bromelain, which acts a natural anti-inflammatory. Drinking pineapple juice consistently in the weeks leading up to your surgery can actually prevent you from having excessive swelling!

Ask your doc all your Q's

Before the actual removal, you'll meet with your oral surgeon to take X-rays and talk through the procedure. Sometimes, your fears or worries about something can come from the unknown—and just not knowing what to expect. Being able to have some of your concerns or questions answered before heading in can help settle those surgery jitters.

After your surgery

Ice, ice baby


OK, your BFF for the next week is going to be ice. Whether it be a frozen bag of peas, a face sling to hold your ice packs or an ice roller (just be gentle, your face will be sore), icing your face for 15-20 minutes on and off will reduce swelling.

The more pillows, the better


The first few days, you aren't going to want to be lying flat in your bed. Propping yourself up with some pillows will help keep your head and shoulders elevated above your heart—making sure blood doesn't rush to your head and increase swelling. A stack of pillows will not only give your room completely cozy vibes but also keep you from feeling more pain.

Give yourself time to heal


Rn, it can feel like you are living in a totally different body. From face swelling to overall just achy feels, it's okay if you aren't feeling your best mentally. It's important to remind yourself that none of this going to last forever. Take this downtime to show your body and mind kindness—something as small as just watching your fave show can make a huge difference. The swelling will go down and you'll be back on track a lot sooner than you think. Promise.

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by Annika Chaves | 9/24/2023