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Want to stop biting your nails? Try these tips

You know it's a bad habit, but you just can't seem to stop. Maybe it happens when you're worrying about that upcoming English presentation, or when you're just daydreaming and reading a book. But before you know it, you've started to bite your nails again (yikes!). It's common—up to 30% of the population does it—but you could be causing permanent damage while ingesting harmful bacteria. If you feel ready to try quitting, here are 4 tips to help you along your journey.  

1. Treat yourself to an expensive manicure 


Let this first tip be a sign to treat yourself to a manicure! After seeing the super cute design (and remembering how much it cost), you'll probably think twice before biting your nails. 

2. Grab a fidget toy


It's simple, but effective: If your hands are occupied, you can't bite your nails. Whether it's stress balls or slime, a nearby fidget toy can keep your hands busy while when you're watching TV or scrolling through social media. 

3. Pick up some bitter-tasting nail polish

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Unfortunately, we sometimes need consequences to break a bad habit. These types of polish are specifically designed to taste bad when you bite your nails, and they have ingredients that'll help with nail regrowth too. 

4. Practice mindfulness


There are a lot of reasons why people bite their nails, and it's easier to stop if you know why you started in the first place. Spend some time thinking about when you picked up the habit and what types of situations make you want to bite your nails. Daily self-care exercises like journaling or yoga can also help you reflect and clear your mind—plus, they're lots of fun!

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Slider image: @raelondonnails

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by Cathy Li | 2/25/2023