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The scary side effects of *too* much caffeine

Everyone that is *obsessed* with chocolate, coffee or energy drinks loves the boost—but that instant energizer might be causing some harm, too, if you're having too much of it. Having a dessert or a couple cups of coffee a day is not terrible for you. But if you are drinking or taking in excessive amounts of caffeine, you may want to cut back. Read these tips to find out why.

1. Too much caffeine (like 4-7 cups a day of coffee) may give you energy for an hour or so and then make you crash. 
It's similar to a sugar rush—you are energized for a period of time, and then feel extremely tired and want to take a nap. That's the exact opposite effect of what you were hoping for. 

2. You can get jittery or anxious from excess caffeine. 
This is especially true if you are someone with anxiety or just a naturally nervous gal because caffeine stimulates your central nervous system. If you really need a pick-me-up, try eating a healthy snack or exercising instead. 

3. It raises the amount of acid in your stomach and can cause heartburn. 
Coffee is super acidic—so not only does it encourage more production of stomach acids, it also irritates the lining of your gut.

4. It can increase your blood pressure, causing your heart to work harder.
Even if this only lasts for a short period of time, it can be *very* dangerous to your health. 

5. Caffeine may be the cause of your headaches.
Does your head hurt when you go without your morning cup of joe? That's because when you quit caffeine, the blood vessels in your brain expand causing pain. If you're trying to cut back, do it gradually instead of cold turkey to avoid the headaches.

6. It's an addictive drug.
Scary, but true. Drinking coffee or a Red Bull stimulates the production of happy hormones in your brain, so you crave it more and more. And while there's nothing wrong with consuming it in moderation, becoming dependent on caffeine to get through your day is *not* healthy.

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by Mary Kate Biser | 8/30/2018