8 outdoor activities to get your sweat on this spring

OK, can we all agree that exercising is *so* much more appealing when you can work out outside? Spring brings endless opportunities for super fun sweat seshes—so we rounded up eight amaze activities to add to your fitness rotation.
Dance fit

It doesn't matter if you have two left feet, because dance fit is all about having fun. Simply search "dance party workouts" on YouTube for a routine to match your mood—or simply queue up your fave pump-up playlist and freestyle-dance away.

Jump rope

@cita4k How to jump rope for beginners #jumprope #skipping #gymtok #cita4k ♬ My Barn My Rules (sped up) - MCR-T & horsegiirL

Let's be honest: The last time you picked up a jump rope was probably in elementary school. But this activity is actually a fantastic workout—it raises your heart rate, tones your leg muscles and boosts your mood. 

Bike ride


Speaking of nostalgia...time to get that dusty bike out of the garage. Take yourself back to your younger years and plan a time where you can meet up with your besties and bike around your neighborhood.

Scavenger hunt

This activity is perfect for those looking for an excuse to see spring flowers. Before you head outside, make a list of spring colors, flowers or any other springy thing you want to see (think: three yellow flowers, one bluebird and one bunny). Then, set out on a nature-inspired power walk.


For all those plant-loving girlies, this activity is for you! We all know that spring is the time for gardening, but did you know that gardening can actually be a light workout? Head outside with a shovel, a watering can and gloves and get your gardening on.



Pickleball is *so* in right now: the cute outfits, the mini paddles and the overall Instagrammable experience. After school, meet up with your besties and head to your closest pickleball court to hit the ball around a little bit (and ofc snap some cute pics).


It's about time for you to reach into the back of your closet and grab your stash of bathing suits—then take a splash at the neighborhood pool or head to the beach.


Put on a cute set, strap on some skates and head to the park. (Psst: This is peak podcast-listening time!)

Top and slider image: @sydneyy_ky


by Katherine Mahoney | 5/9/2024