The perfect workout for every phase of your menstrual cycle

Let's be real: From mood swings to cramping, your menstrual cycle can have a *huge* effect on how you feel. But moving your body can make all the difference—which is why PMS symptoms shouldn't stop you from working out altogether. Syncing your workout sched to your cycle can be a total game-changer, so we've got you covered with the perfect workout for each and every phase of your cycle. 

Menstruation: Yoga 

While on your period, it's time to show yourself some love. Relax and unwind while enjoying a super soothing yoga video. We especially heart Yoga With Adriene's yoga practice that's *specifically* for those not-so-great period symptoms.

The follicular phase: Go for a walk or jog 

The follicular phase (right after your period) is a time of slightly higher energy levels. We'd recommend opting for something a little more intense like a jog or a mindful walk (see the calming vid above!). 

Ovulation: Try a HIIT video 

During ovulation (around two weeks before your next period), you may notice a peak in energy levels. It's time to try a high-cardio workout like a HIIT video. Just don't forget to hydrate

The luteal phase: Dance it out 

During the luteal phase (aka the days leading up to your next period), you may start to feel some PMS. We'd recommend doing a fun dance party (an instant mood booster) to get all the feel-good juices flowing. Plus, who *doesn't* love to dance it out to some T-Swift?

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 4/1/2023