These are the most intense dance workouts on Youtube

Incorporating dance into your workout routine is a great way to have fun while getting your sweat on. Programs are probably available at your local gym, but for those who like to work out at home—or feel that a class is a little too pricey—Youtube is a great place to find dance workouts. They're free to watch, *mostly* easy to follow, and help you learn new moves. Ready for a challenge? We've gathered some of the most intense vids below. Find your fave and try it out!

Matt Steffanina's tutorial to "STAY" by Zedd, ft. Alessia Cara

It's hard to search for dance tutorials on Youtube without stumbling across one of Matt Steffanina's expertly-choreographed hip-hop routines to popular songs. Matt teaches these dances at his studio in Los Angeles, as well as working with celebs like Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo. He's been on So You Think You Can Dance and Ellen, but that doesn't stop him from making free, high-quality tutorials. Check out his advanced routine to the 2017 hit "Stay", by Zedd and Alessia Cara, here, and watch the vid of the finished dance below.


Nicole Steen's High-Energy Latin Dance Workout for Popsugar Fitness

If you're craving cardio, Nicole Steen's got you covered—and then some. Your girl is a cardio dance instructor at Equinox (a chain of luxury gyms in SoCal) who knows how to make you feel the burn. As a guest contributor to Popsugar Fitness's series of 30-minute workouts, Nicole's routine feels more like a traditional workout class than other vids. She starts with a warmup before launching into the hard part, and a member of her squad does modifications so those who are just beginning can keep up. This is definitely one of the most intense routines on the site—be prepared to drink a lot of water!


Emi Wong's 10-Minute KPOP Cardio

Calling all KPOP fans: Emi Wong and two dancer friends have created the dance workout of your dreams. They planned everything, from the moves to the songs to their outfits, to create what's both a fun and aesthetically pleasing way to get moving. There's hit music from BTS, Blackpink, and Big Bang, and Em also sprinkles in motivational voiceover to keep your energy up throughout the vid. Since it's only ten minutes, it's *perfect* for those who are in a time crunch.


Ali Rose's HIIT-style Workout to "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish

For days when you don't feel like learning insane choreography, Ali Rose has what's closer to a workout tailored to music than a dance routine. The four-minute exercise takes cues from HIIT workouts (that's high-intensity interval training). Basically, you work out for less time overall, but when you are moving, you're pushing yourself as hard as you can. There's something about Billie Eilish's chill tone that makes it feel less intense. You can learn the moves here—then follow along with the vid below.


Would you try any of these workouts? Let us know in the comments!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/1/2019