6 HIIT workouts that make keeping your New Year's resolutions easy

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has become *uber* popular over the past few years. And we totally get why: you can get your workout on using little to no equipment. Which means one thing for all you babes out there who have fitness resolutions: you can get in shape without ever having to hit the gym.

Because we heart this workout trend, we've put together a list of our fave HIIT workouts, so you can get in on this easy and good-for-you sweat sesh.

1. No equipment? No problem

This workout, made up almost entirely of 30-second intervals, is perf if you don't have any equipment but you want to build resistance fast. Get squatting!

2. Add some weights and burn it up

This how-to video is *so* easy to follow, and the ladies from Burn It Up are crazy motivating. It won't be easy, that's for sure, but it'll be fun.

3. Kayla Itsines is a star trainer, and this workout proves it

This one requires a few more items than before (bench, medicine ball, etc.), but that shouldn't stop you from getting serious about this workout. Your parents probs have a ball stowed somewhere, and instead of a bench, you can use a low chair or foot stool.

By this point, you've made it through the tough stuff. Seriously, kudos to you, but if you don't want to be super sore tomorrow a.m., your work isn't done. Here are our fave cool-down exercises to keep your muscles in tip-top shape after the HIIT is done.

1. Become a yogi

Few things feel better than deep, restorative yoga, and this video will take you in the right direction, leaving those tired (yet toned!) muscles feeling completely soothed.

2. Start flexing (sort of)

Work on your flexibility with this vid from Blogilates that focuses *completely* on you and your bod. Love!

3. Start from the beginning

Not all of us are yogis. Promise. This beginner's stretching routine will get you ready to do anything—including another workout tomorrow!

Are you obsessed with HIIT? Tell us your fave routine below!

Photo credit: GIPHY, Getty Images/Nophamon Yanyapong / EyeEm


by Logan Potter | 12/27/2019