17 ways to make running more interesting

Not a runner, but want to go for a run? Worried about finding it boring? Here are some ideas for you to pep up your run! You'll be a pro in no time.

1. Pick an amazing audiobook to start.
2. Go off roading on a trail.
3. Bring a friend with you.

4. Listen to a podcast: thrilling or chatty either work!
5. Run somewhere specific.
6. Do a Color Run or mud run 5k.
7. Make a new playlist.

8. Watch tv if you’re on the treadmill.
9. Run without a phone or distractions.
10. Take a different route.
11. Bring your pup.

12. Play the alphabet game where you search for the letters A-Z in order on license plates, street signs, etc. 
13. Play a sport where you don’t even realize you’re running.
14. Use the app, Zombies, run! And pretend like you’re running from zombies.

15. Wear some new cute clothes.
16. Pretend like you can’t step on any cracks.
17. Skip running and do a different workout for the day!


Do you have any tricks to make running more interesting? Let us know in the comments below!


by Margot Kohler | 5/26/2019