Enter your nature girl era with these backyard mindfulness activities

Let's be real: If you're reading this, you're probably not basking in the warmth of the late summer sun in a vast, open prairie, listening to the birds chirp as you read the latest off of your TBR. You're probs sitting at home, dreaming of the day you can finally chill out—no drama, no homework, no bad vibes.

Well, don't we have some good news for you! Turns out you don't *have* to be adventuring through the forest or lounging by the pool in the middle of the desert to practice mindfulness (although we do miss our girl Pressley and the amaze Mom/Daughter vacay we had this summer). You can practice your relaxin' from home instead!

We've rounded up some of the cutest ways you can enter your nature girl era right in your own backyard. 

Download a stargazing app

OK, everyone is always talking about the "Big Dipper", but who can actually point it out in the evening sky? Even if none of your BFFs are regular stargazers, apps like Sky Guide and Night Sky can help you find even the toughest of constellations (yup, it even knows what Orion's Belt looks like, somehow). 

We recommend laying out some blankets or towels outside your house (or a nearby park) and gazing up at the night sky for a while. Track the constellations you spot. No need for a shooting star, we're already living out our nature girlie dreams. We would really like to see one tho. 


Host an at-home camping trip

Gather up your best girls, a sleeping bag and some marshmallows—we're going camping! In our backyard, that is. If you want to get in touch with nature (and have a blast doing it), spend the night under the stars with your BFFs.

If you or one of your friends have a tent from a previous camping trip, try setting it up in your backyard (with a parent's help, ofc). Don't be afraid to get cozy by bringing out some pillows and blankets for your night under the stars. If you're looking to spend extra time in nature, leave the screens inside. But if you're into glamping (relatable), break out your Netflix app for the *cutest* outdoor movie night. 


Take a long walk someplace new

Contrary to what your boredom-bugged brain may tell you, you probs haven't explored *every* part of your community before. Channel that Taylor Swift à la "Welcome To New York" energy to look at your neighborhood from a new angle on a leisurely walk about town. It may not be the kaleidoscope of loud that NYC is, but you'll probs find something new to enjoy. 

To put a nature girlie spin on the classic Hot Girl Walk, we recommend strolling to your nearest park or open expanse of land. Animal watch, people watch—observe the world gently bustling around you. Bonus points if you find a cool lake to relax by or a family of squirrels to follow around. 


Try your hand at bird-watching 

Grab some binoculars (or just the zoom feature on your phone camera, tbh) and go for a bird hunt in your backyard! Birds can be found almost anywhere if you know where to look. Channel your inner wildlife photographer by practicing patience when observing them. Bird watching can be a very meditative activity. 

Need some help identifying a bird species or just want to make some bird-watching friends? Check out your local Audubon Society. A national organization dedicated to protecting birds, the Audubon Society has plenty of resources to help you learn all about your fav local avians. There are over 450 chapters nationwide, but if you don't have one near you, download their app! 


How are you embracing your outdoorsy era? 
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by Laila Mayfield | 9/7/2023