Eat Right

8 healthy ingredients to jazz up your salad


Salads: the meal of summer. When it feels like it’s 300 degrees outside, a salad is a perfectly refreshing meal. The only problem? They can get boring! Never fear—there are almost infinite ways to customize that bowl of lettuce. Here are eight healthy ingredients to jazz up your salad...

1. Fresh fruit
Summer is the prime time for fruit, so why not put it in your salad? Basically all fruits go with each other, so go crazy!

2. Sunflower seeds
In addition to being an excellent source of protein, sunflower seeds are super delicious and add a nice crunch to a salad.

3. Feta or goat cheese
A salty cheese like feta or goat cheese is a great way to mix up textures in your salad and give a lil’ comfort to that big bowl of healthy.

4. Freeze-dried fruit
Want to add crunch to your salad but stay healthy? Try freeze-dried fruit! It’s as crunchy as a crouton with the addition of delicious fruity flavor.

5. Unique protein
Instead of boring chicken, spice up your salad with a unique protein like salmon or tofu!

6. Fresh herbs
Using fresh herbs like basil or mint is a great way to add an extra kick to your salad.

7. Avocado
Chop up some fresh avocado to give your salad a healthy dose of fat.

8. Corn kernels
Sweet corn kernels will add delicious color and texture that’ll be sure to jazz up your salad!


by Deanna Schwartz | 7/30/2018