Eat Right

GIFs that perfectly sum up the struggle of trying to eat healthy


Let's be real: Eating healthy is no piece of cake (pun intended). Even Selena understands. It takes a lot of self control, especially when you're always surrounded by easy-to-get snacks and fast food. Here are some gifs that *totally* get the struggle that we know is eating healthy...or at least healthier.

Struggle #1: Watching your friends eat junk food without you. 
Talk about major peer pressure.

cat animals food talking eating 

Struggle #2: Comfort food really is comforting. 
It just makes us feel so much better.


Struggle #3: Pizza is actually bae.
Giving up pizza is like giving up on love. Frustrating, irrational, and a complete waste of time

food memes hungry ryan gosling bacon 

Struggle #4: One word. Bacon. 
Need we say more? 

gilmore girls hungry dinner tacos taco 

Struggle #5: Sometimes food is the only answer.
You those days when a girl has *got* to splurge.

New Girl nick jake johnson nick miller new girl on fox

Struggle #6: Stress eating is a thing.
It's real and sometimes it's a fight you're willing to give up.

food scared 30 rock delicious nervous

Struggle #7: That thing people call portion control. 
How much is too much? 

i love food 

Struggle #8: Good food is why we go to parties.
The struggle is *real*. 

funny food laugh haha funny s

Struggle #9: The moment when it's all gone. 
We're strong believers that you can't have too much of a good thing. 

What's your biggest food struggle? How do you relate to these gifs? Let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Instagram.


by Julia Bonney | 2/3/2019