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These star signs make the perfect besties

When it comes to astrological compatibility, romance is probably the first thing you think of. Let's be real, who *hasn't* checked out their crush's star sign to see if you'd be a good match? But your zodiac sign also might be able to tell you about your ideal BFF. After all, some pairs just create the perfect friendship! So if you're an astro lover, look no further for which sun signs make some srsly iconic duos. (This could also apply to your other personal placements.)

Aries and Gemini

Feral Millennial — streussal: Vivian dumped Warner. She and Elle...

Wherever these two go, excitement follows! Fiery Aries and friendly Gemini make a bold and energetic pair. They're the friends who can debate even the smallest things, like which pizza topping they absolutely *have* to get at their Saturday-night sleepover. And because communication is super important to these two, they never run out of things to talk about (no awk silences here!). Both signs are dynamic and love to live in the moment, so they're always on the same page. Even their differences bring out the best in each other—Aries helps Gemini to be more assertive and not give up on what they want, and Gemini reminds Aries that it's good to change your mind about things and go with the flow sometimes. 

Friendship dynamic: Vivian & Elle from Legally Blonde

Taurus and Cancer

Hey, cozy cuties! These friends value stability and comfort, and their loyalty to each other is unmatched. They know how to bring all the chill vibes, whether it's browsing the shelves at the bookstore (they always have the *best* recs) or baking their fave treats together (ofc, they'll make hot chocolate to go with their famous snickerdoodles). They're also super family-oriented—these are the besties who feel totally at home in each other's houses and treat each other's family members like their own. The Taurus BFF always makes the Cancer feel supported and heard no matter what, and the Cancer gives the Taurus a safe place to open up. And tbh, we love that for them! 

Friendship dynamic: Dawn & Mary Anne from The Baby-Sitters Club

Leo and Libra

Talk about social butterflies! These two are the life of the party together—the friends with an eye for fashion and an effortless charisma no matter the situation. They're the ones whose closets you always want to raid and who bring the fun wherever they go. This duo complements each other in surprising ways, too. Where Leos are outspoken and self-assured, Libras are relaxed and peaceful. The Leo will remind the Libra bestie that it's okay to put yourself first sometimes, and the Libra will show the Leo bestie that it's also super important to take it slow and think before you act. 

Friendship dynamic: Blair & Serena from Gossip Girl 

Virgo and Pisces

Maya and Riley Girl meets sweet sixteen | Girl meets world, Girl meets  world riley, Girl fashion

We've all heard the saying "opposites attract." Well, it totally applies to a Virgo-Pisces pairing! These two are directly opposite each other in the zodiac, so while this friendship might not seem to make sense on the surface level, there's *way* more to it than meets the eye. Virgo's earth sign energy makes them practical and level-headed, where the water sign Pisces is more sensitive and dreamy. This duo balances each other out perfectly: Virgo keeps Pisces grounded, while also encouraging them to make their dreams a reality, and Pisces gives Virgo the chance to connect more with their emotions and embrace their softer side. Theirs is a true-blue friendship!  

Friendship dynamic: Maya & Riley from Girl Meets World

Scorpio and Capricorn

These BFFs are go-getters! When passionate Scorpio and ambitious Capricorn team up, there's no stopping this driven duo. Commitment is super important to these two—they won't give up on anything, and that includes a friendship. Still, even with their shared values, the signs are still different enough to keep things interesting. The Scorpio can remind the Cap not to sweat the small stuff and to be less afraid to share their feelings, while Capricorn will always be there for Scorpio no matter what!

Friendship dynamic: Rory & Paris from Gilmore Girls

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Kiarah Outer Banks GIF - Kiarah Outer Banks Obx - Discover & Share GIFs

We love this daring duo! They're both super independent and love to do their own thing, but ofc, everyone needs a best friend—and these two are made for each other. They have the same outlook on life, but they also 100% support each other's differences. The Sag admires how confident and free-spirited the Aquarius is but can also help bring the more reserved Aquarius out of their shell. The Aquarius loves how outgoing and curious the Sagittarius is but can also inspire the Sag to take a risk when they need to. Every day is an adventure for these besties, no matter what they're doing!

Friendship dynamic: Sarah & Kiara from Outer Banks

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by Samara Smukler | 3/31/2022