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This girl's mom sent her a period package to camp

Last year was my first time at sleepaway camp. Just before I left, my mom and I were talking about how I still hadn't gotten my first period. "Oh my gosh, Mom, imagine if I get it at camp?" I said during our convo, not really thinking anything of it. A few weeks later I was walking with a group of my new camp friends when we all decided to stop by our mailboxes. I was psyched to see that my parents had sent me a care package. "Open it—it could be cookies!" my cute new crush, Matt, said right away. I was so excited that I started ripping the box open...and out fell, like, FOUR boxes of tampons and maxi pads. "Just in case....Love, Mom!" the card read. Matt turned bright red as he picked up a box from the floor and said, "Well, it's definitely not cookies." Thanks, Mom!

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by GL | 6/22/2023