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The 5 bras every girl needs in her life


Every girl knows that shopping for bras is awkward. And difficult. And expensive. The good news? If you know what you're looking for, it doesn't have to be *quite* so awful. We're breaking down the 5 basic bras every girl needs to own. Conquer this list and you'll be able to handle everything from Aerie to Victoria's Secret with ease.

  • bra1.png

    1. A hardy sports bra

    A definite must for all athletic ventures, whether you're in gym class or training for a 10k. Get one that is comfortably snug but not cutting-off-your-circulation tight for best results.

    Champion womae's support sports bra, $17, 

  • bra5.png

    2. A pretty bralette

    TBH, these don't provide a *ton* of support, making them perfect for small-busted sweeties on the day-to-day. Even if your bust is a little bigger, they're still super nice for lounging around the house or just feeling fancy and feminine.

    Aerie lace longline bralette, $20,

  • bra3f.png

    3. A solid strapless bra

    Perf for halter tops and Homecoming dresses. We know, we know, they’re kind of a pain in the neck—but you'll need one around if you don’t want your bra straps to show in shoulder-baring clothes.

    Audrey multi-way lightly lined bra, $40,

  • bra2.png

    4. A convertible bra

    This is a bra that transforms from a standard fit to a racerback to a strapless (and sometimes even more than that!). Super convenient for ladies with a diverse wardrobe.

    Convertible cotton bra, $14, 

  • bra4.png

    5. A classic t-shirt bra

    These soft, supportive bras are generally made out of soft material that won't itch or stab your ribs and are perfect for everyday wear.

    Maidenform's self expression t-shirt bra, $10, 


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by Alexa Matthews | 2/1/2016