Athlete Interview: Meet Skateboarder Gaby Ponce

Talk about impressive. Eighteen-year-old Gaby Ponce is a pro vert skateboarder, college kid and, oh yeah, she even nabbed a gold at the 2010 X Games. Truth is, that kind of success only comes with a ton of dedication. (Gaby used to drive four hours round trip to hit her fave skate park—whoa.) We caught up with Gaby and she spilled all about why she totally digs her sport, her cross-training routine and what to do if you wanna pick up a board.

GL: What do you love most about vert skateboarding?
GP: My favorite part about skateboarding is that it is an independent sport and you can do whatever you want. There is no team involved.

GL: Do you ever get off your board and play other sports?
GP: I don't like any other sports because most of them are team sports. I don't even watch skate videos. I'm into chemistry though.

GL: What kind of cross-training is crucial to your success?
GP: Eating healthy is very crucial. Also, some running to make my stamina better and proper sleeping habits.

GL: With all that driving and training you must have sacrificed a lot during your younger teen years. What did you gain from such dedication?
GP: From driving so much I learned that nothing came easy. I realized I needed to stick with something to become successful. In whatever you love, there are bad times but you need to believe in yourself, be motivated and stay positive. No matter the situation, you can always change it around as long as you stay optimistic and worry about what you are doing, not what others are doing. You can only control yourself.

GL: You’re super  young and at the top of your game—where do you plan to go from here?
GP: I want to just keep skating. I started out skating for fun and I still believe I skate for fun. I am starting college in the fall.

GL: What’s your best advice for younger girls who want to get into the sport?
GP: My advice to anyone that wants to get into the sport is just to have fun with it. Skate for yourself and nobody else. 


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016