Bright new sneakers for spring

We weren’t exactly sure what to think when Reebok’s new ZigTech sneaker arrived in our offices. It has a wacky-looking zig-zag bottom that makes it a total standout. The pattern isn’t just pretty: it’s designed to relieve the stress on certain key leg muscles while working out and give you a flow of energy with every step. Sound like what your soles need? Here are some more deets.
The sneakers are really comfy and had plenty of support. We thought they’d probably be better for those with a low or average arches, because the arch is not very defined. With summer right around the corner, the breathable material was key for helping these puppies stay stink-free.
The down side? These Reebok’s run (no pun intended) for around $100. And while they’re cute, that doesn’t fit into every girl’s budget. But if you need some extra motivation to start a workout routine or are going to log serious miles, ya might wanna check out this tech-y kicks.

By: Molly Crawford


by GL | 2/1/2016