Makeover your fiitness gear!

It’s super-important to wear the right clothes and sneaks when you exercise. Spring’s the perfect time to refresh your workout wardrobe, and make sure you’re supporting your bod.
We’re making over your gear, girlie. Keep reading for our best-ever workout wear tips.

The Sports Bra
Before: You’d rock whatever you had hanging around---from your bra that fit two cup sizes ago to a regular push-up.
After: Take an inventory of your sports bras every season, especially if you’re way athletic. They break down with wear and washing. Plus, wearing a too-small size or non-sports bra isn’t gonna cut it. You’ve gotta support your breast tissue, so don’t be afraid to shell out a bit more (especially if you’re a C-cup or bigger). Look for one that says “high compression” on the tags, so you’ll know they’ll keep everything in place. Bonus points if you nab one with wicking material.

Nike Pro Sports Bra, $28,

The Tee
Before: You’ve got a huge collection of race tees or freebies from events. Whichever is the cleanest works.
After: Go for a top made outta tech-y  material. They’ll let your skin breathe and get the sweat off your skin. You’ll feel better on the field, especially on hot days.

Under Armour Victory Tank Womens, $20,
The Go-To Shoe
Before: You’d put on whatever kicks were lying around—Uggs, mocs, Chucks, ballet slippers—and go for a walk with your girls or hit the park.
After: If you’re the kinda girl who likes exercise  of all kinds, invest in some cross-trainers. Slip ‘em on before you do ANY kind of activity and your pups will love ya for it. They’ll support your tootsies, no matter what.


by Katie Abbondanza and Megan Parker | 2/1/2016