Hair accessories for spring sports

Spring sports are super-fun, but trying to keep your hair out of your face during practice? Not so much. GL’s got cute fixes to give your practice hair a stylish kick!

Buh-bye boring bobby-pins, hello spring colors! Brighten up your whole look by tucking those stubborn strands behind some colorful pins.

Basic Bobby Set, $6, 
Show your spirit for the bit game. Clip in some extensions in your team colors. Make sure you use a strong elastic to keep the pony or braid in place.
You can stick with the practical pony and headband combo, but still be stylish. Swap your standard black band for something a li’l more global inspired. Goodbye, flyaways!

Lokelani Head Scarf, $19,
Whether you opt for double braids or just a single braid in the center, they’re a snazzy way to keep your locks in place. To further tame your locks, apply an anti-frizz cream to damp hair.
Giovanni Frizz Be Gone, $9 for 2.75 oz,


by Melissa Harans | 2/1/2016