8 struggles you'll only understand if you share a room with a sibling

Having a sibling can be great, no doubt. You have a built-in best friend who understands the craziness of your fam, and a support system there whenever you need.

But like any relationship, it's totally normal for siblings to get annoyed with each other—especially when sharing a room. Whether you're rooming with your little bro or an older sis, you've likely experienced most (if not all) of these struggles. 

1. When they make a ton of noise in the morning and you're still trying to sleep

2. When their alarm clock keeps going off but they remain sound asleep for the next *hour*

3. When they won't get off Facetime with their BF/GF and it's almost midnight

4. When they're taking *too long* to get ready in the morning

5. When you've had it up to *here* with their snoring 

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6. When you open your closet, excited to wear your favorite sweater to school...only to discover it's been stolen by your sib

7. When they throw a bunch of their stuff on what's *clearly* your side of the room

8. When you—despite all of the annoyances and small arguments—love them anyway...

TBH, sharing a space with anyone else would be the worst.

Have you ever had to share a room with your sibling? How did you deal? Sound off in the comments below!

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by Emily Fishel | 2/5/2019