Celebrate the 4th of July with these *delicious* desserts


America's birthday is right around the corner and what better way to get your holiday spirit on than with some adorable and totally delicious desserts? Whether you're in search of an easy recipe to bring to a family BBQ or just want another excuse to load up on the sweets, check out these seven perfectly patriotic recipes.

Flag cake

For all you cake lovers, you can celebrate your patriotism with this totally sweet treat.

Oreo pops
Super quick and essentially foolproof, this delectable dessert will no doubt be your last-minute miracle.

Tie-dyed fudge
O.M.G. With marble patterned everything being all the rage, this might just be the trendiest dessert of all time. This delicious recipe won’t just satisfy your sweet tooth, it will also be the perfect addition to your Instagram feed.

Pretzel sparklers
There’s nothing better than mixing salty with sweet and these chocolate dipped pretzels are no exception. Get creative with the decorations to turn this simple treat into something fabulous.

Red, white and blue parfait
Who said “healthy” can’t be yummy? If the total sugar overload isn’t for you, opt for some fresh berries and yogurt and enjoy this nutritious, yet totally delicious alternative.

Firecracker popsicles
Name a better way to celebrate July 4th than with a dessert to match the vibrant colors and beautiful designs of fireworks, the holiday’s staple tradition. We’ll wait.

Stars and s'mores
Who doesn’t love a good homemade s'more? Festive and adorable, these are sure to be a crowd favorite!

How will you be celebrating July 4th? Let us know in the comments!

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by Allie Burrows | 6/21/2017
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