'60s-Inspired Sleepover PLUS! Win a Tie Dye Kit!

Sick of the same ol' boring sleepovers? Go back in time to the decade of peace, love and tie-dye! Host a hippie-chic 1960's themed sleepover party!
GL's got ya covered from decor to style so get ready to call up your besties and throw up your peace signs, this is sure to be the grooviest party ever!

1. Come if ya Dig it!

Themed shindigs give you the option to send out totally creative invitations to get your guests excited and in the groove for the party!

Make your own on the computer and use 1960s lingo (ahem, pay attention to this post, babe!) and tell your guests to come dressed in their best 1960s gear! Include lots of peace signs and bubbly flower clip art on it and mail 'em out!

We like these from invites from!
'60s Birthday Party Invitation Postcard, $10 for 8, 

2. Flower Power your Pad

Nothing says the '60s like bright colors and peace signs! Deck your house out with beaded curtains in the doorways and posters of peace signs on the walls all around your house. Cut out or paint large flowers on posters and color them bright pink, yellow and green.

Set the mood with mucic! Borrow CDs from your grandparents or older neighbors, check albums out at your library or download songs from iTunes for all the 1960's chart-toppers and jam out to the folksy funk all night long. Think the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.
Buy a black light lightbulb and switch it into your lamp during your psychedelic party. Hand out glow sticks and glow jewelry to all of your guests as favors. Favors used as decor?! Perf!
This Beatles album is one of our faves!

The Beatles 1,  $13,
3. Groovy Grub

Fondue can do! Fondue is a fun way to eat that become popular in the 1960s. You'll need your 'rents help with this but get a pack of cheese (or mix different kinds of cheese) that you can melt in a fondue pot, or a double-boiler, and use forks or dipping sticks to dip pieces of bread into the melted cheese.

For dessert, make cupcakes with your guests and ice them in tie-dye patterns. To do this you just need to buy white icing, food coloring and cupcake mix. Bake the cupcakes, let them cool and get to decorating. Try to copy tie-dye patterns or come up with your own twisty take!
Try making fondue in this fun fondue pot

4. Far-Out Fashion

Big flared jeans or a mod-style dress is a great way to get in the groove for your party. If you don't already have a tie-dye shirt then wear a bright color and put a flower in your hair.

Big round sunglasses a la Jackie O. are the perfect accessory to set your look off. White, black or any bright color would work.

Do your make-up like 1960s break out model Twiggy. A lot of mascara and a bold blush is all ya need. Ask your mom or grandmother if you need some inspiration from someone who dressed up in the decade herself!
Or add a li'l flair to any outfit with a peace sign necklace like this one...
5. Make Tie-Dye not War

No party can happen without a groovy activity to get you into the theme! Buy a tie-dying kit at your local craft store and ask each guest to bring an old white tee, socks, hats whatever! Any white fabric will do. Read the directions and tie-dye 'til ya drop! You have to wait a full day to unravel the funky duds so they can soak in the dye but it's worth the wait!
-Katie Shutt

Five lucky winners score Jacquard's Funky Groovy Tie-Dye Kit to get you and your girls looking mega mod. CLICK HERE to enter!
HURRY! Contest ends June 5.


by GL | 2/1/2016