Throw a Springy Soiree

Wanna celebrate spring this weekend? From egg-cellent invites, to springy decor and Easter-inspired eats, we've got ideas for the best bunny day bash EVER. What are ya waiting for? Hop to it! 

An Easter FYI

Easter started out as a religious holiday, but today it's so much fun that people of every culture embrace and celebrate it. Many of the holiday's symbols are associated with the beginning of spring. Baby chicks, playful bunnies, eggs a-hatchin', bright bloomin' flowers and vibrant pastel hues signal that winter is officially over and spring is here to stay. 

There are lotsa fun ways to celebrate this springy holiday with your fam and friends. Wanna throw an Easter party of your own? GL shows you how! 

Egg-cellent Invites

If you're a crafty chickie, make invitations by hand. How to do it?  Use construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, easter egg stickers and pastel colored ribbons to make small, fun invites. Some symbols to keep in mind: the egg (of course!), an Easter basket and a white bunny with a li'l bowtie.

Make the invites even more Eastery by putting them inside plastic eggs. Use markers, puffy paint or nail polish to write the name of each invitee on the egg. Then, get your basket out and deliver 'em up.

Easter Adornments 

Use splashes of color to make your soiree springy. Get either real or fake daffodils, tulips or any spring flowers. Place them in vases all around the house. Ahh, looks and smells oh-so-sweet. 

Hang pastel-colored streamers around the room. If you have any fluffy toy bunnies or chicks center them in all of your tables and a few chairs. Get pastel balloons and put them around the room (looks like giant jelly beans!). Color up your house even more with Easter plates, silverware and egg-themed tablecloths!

Traditional Easter Eats

Satisfy any Easter appetite by serving a plate of fresh garden-grown veggies (don't forget bunny-friendly carrots!) as an appetizer. Have a variety of dips – spinach and artichoke or hummus go great with spring greens. 

Keep the traditional Easter ham fuss-free by serving it sliced in deli-style sandwiches. Hot cross buns are also a holiday fave (they rep the springtime goddess!). Bake up some carrot bread since it's a bunny beloved-treat. 

For dessert serve up your fave Easter candy. We love everything from chocolate easter eggs, marshmallow bunnies, Peeps and jelly beans. Carrot cake is another great nod to the bunny theme. 

Wanna really impress your guests? Check out these GL-exclusive Easter treats.

Hop To It! 

Not sure what to do at your celebration? Try an Easter egg race! See who can run the fastest point two points without dropping an egg off a spoon (this game is best in the warm weather outdoors so you don't make a mess if you trip and fall!). 

Want to decorate those Easter eggs? Find some new tips 'n' tricks for making those eggies extra unique RIGHT HERE

Or...have an Easter treasure hunt! Put a spin on the traditional Easter egg hunt by hiding all different Easter objects – little bunnies, chickies, small springy DIY crafts, or other spring-inspired favors – around your house or in your yard. Set a timer and play some pump-up tunes. The girl with the most bunny booty wins an easter basket with tons of candy 'n' other fun stuff. Get goin', girl!

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BLOG IT OUT! Love Easter!? How do you celebrate? Throwin’ a perf party? Spending it with your fam? Dying eggs with your girls? Hunting for swag from the Easter bunny? Baking up sweet, springy treats? TELL US NOW! 


by Sherryn Daniel | 2/1/2016