Girls' Night In!

Have your buds bring delicious nibbles, ‘80s movies and spa goodies for your one-of-a-kind sleepover party. Invite all your gal pals to chill, chow and get beauteous.


When coming up with your guest list, remember––no boys allowed! Plan to make your invites. We hit Michael’s craft store for everything needed to create handmade invites:

-cream-colored notecards and matching envelopes
-fun-shaped rubber stamps
-colored paints
-small paint brushes
-scratch-on art of flowers and vines
-pink paper
-pink ribbon

Before doing the real thing, practice on scrap paper to figure out the perfect amount of paint and pressure needed to make flawless stamps. Stamp the corners of your invite to leave room for party info in the center. Let dry overnight. Once dry, using a fine point black pen and ruler, add party-details and decorate edges with scratch-on flower artwork.

Now, for the fun part––getting your friends involved. Assign each guest a different set of duties. Think about each girl, and then assign her one of the roles below. We punched a hole in each invite and, with ribbon, attached a pink piece of paper with instructions for what each girl should bring to the sleepover…


Who takes indulgent, rose-scented bubble baths? Who stocks up on lavish lotions and moisturizing masks? She’s your Spa Goddess, in charge of whipping up masks before the party. Search our site for fun 'n' fruity mask recipes. The acids in the fruit will gently exfoliate your skin.


Who has glitter polish in 600 shades? Who always has Hard Candy's hot new color? Your Manicure Magician should bring all the nail goodies. Her list should include nail files, cotton balls, polish remover, cuticle pushers and nippers, and hand cream for everyone. Since she already has a collection of manicure necessities, it shouldn't cost a bundle.


Which gal pal spends her Saturday mornings lounging at the Bobbi Brown counter? Is she the proud owner of 211 shades of gloss and 29 lip brushes? She's your Makeup Maven. Ask her to bring those great free makeup samples she's yet to use. She should also be packin' cleanser, moisturizer, eye shadow, mascara, blush, application sponges and whatever else she's willing to share in her cosmetics case.


Who was first in line when Twilight opened? Who can quote Clueless without missing a beat? She's your Hollywood Hotshot. What's a slumber party without a bunch of chick flicks? We've come up with some awesome slumber party vids--your Hotshot may already have these titles in her alphabetized collection. A couple packs of microwave popcorn, Twizzlers and Milk Duds should complete her list!

Princess Bride

Pretty in Pink

Say Anything

Never Been Kissed

Ever After


Father of the Bride

Pretty Woman

Beauty and the Beast

Sixteen Candles

She's All That

My Best Friend's Wedding


Here on Earth


Can't Buy Me Love


Who worships all things music? Who breaks into hip swivels when she hears Britney? Your iTunes addict should bring her ipod. She's also the one to organize a "make your own music video" dance-off!


Get the rest of your guests busy cooking. Check out the really great recipes on our Fun Stuff – Recipes and G-Life – Tasty Eats section. Attach a recipe or two to each remaining invite.


As for your to-do list? After getting the go-ahead from the 'rents, figure out where you can stash your crew. Is your crib big enough? Is the basement cozy enough to sleep in? Now get cleaning. No, the Queen of England and her white gloves aren't dropping by for Earl Grey and crumpets, but Easter's still weeks away so banish the dust bunnies.

Once you've picked your place, get decorating! Fill the room with pretty pillows and cozy, furry blankets. Add some potpourri and simple vases of fresh flowers to tabletops. You can even sprinkle real rose petals around the room for a feminine touch. Go crazy, daisy!


Your bro is banished to the neighbor's until Sunday morning? Great! Not that lucky? Maybe your folks can put a TV and VCR in his room for the night so you guys can have the den to yourselves.

The day of the party, set the table with floral paper plates, cups and napkins. Then add matching pink plastic utensils (make sure you have enough for dinner, dessert and breakfast). If mom has a pretty old linen table cloth, ask if you may use it. Put out fresh flowers and unscented candles as centerpieces.

Got it all together? Ready…set…sleepover!
- Sarah Cordi
by GL | 2/1/2016