Fab fashionista slumber party

The catwalks of NYC are filled with beautifully made up models stalking up ‘n’ down in the freshest fashions. Bring New York Fashion Week to your weekend plans with this fab fashionista slumber party. Call up your glammest friends and plan a get-together, girlie!


Chic invites

Make your initiations for Fashion Fest 2011 super simple and elegant. Cut cardstock in your fave color into perfect squares. Using a metallic Sharpie, sketch in some fun scrolling lines along the edges, then use your finest script to write out the deets. Punch two holes in the top center of the card, string a piece of pretty ribbon through and tie a perfect bow.


Diva design-off

Whether you can’t draw your way out of a paper bag or you’re the next Michelangelo, grab a pencil and a piece of paper and get goin’! Give girls a couple of categories—swimsuit, evening gown, party dress, school look—and a certain amount of time to draw each. Then rate the looks on a scale from 1 to 10 and give the winner a prize!


For a sweet treat, head to the dollar store or a crafts store for small, inexpensive sketchpads. Let your girls doodle designs all night long, and take ‘em home as a party favor the next morning.


Get glam

What’s fashion without a little glamour? Once your gals arrive, spread out your makeup and your best duds—have your buds bring their fave over-the-top pieces—and get to work. Volumize the hair, rouge those lips, bedazzle your tips and step out in your finest fashions.


Strut your stuff

It’s time for a walk off! Clear a long hallway in your home and designate it as the runway. When you’re not walking, line the strip and snap shots of your besties workin’ it. Host a serious “Best Model” competition, and a funnier “Worst Model” parade, during which you’ll cut loose your most horrific dance moves, postures and crazy faces. After your buds head home, you can put your pics into a scrapbook. Oh, the memories…


Posh eats

What good is all that glamour if you dig in to sloppy Joes for dinner? Not on our watch! Tea sandwiches make a tasty, bite-sized entrée and for dessert, try an impressive molten chocolate cake.


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016