Kid Made Modern:
Scarfed Potatoes

©2009 Todd Oldham/Courtesy

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Scarfed Potatoes 
Wanna give your BFF’s something totally fab for the holidays? Thinking about buying them a cute accessory, like a scarf? Why not save some money and have some fun while making one all by yourself? Totally easy and super cute, this tube scarf is made out of a T-shirt, potatoes and fabric paint in the colors and designs of your choice.
©2009 Todd Oldham/Courtesy

What You'll Need:

XXL Shirt
Fabric Paint

What You'll Do:

1. Ask an adult to help you make your stamp by cutting the potato in half and then slicing a square form into the cut face.
2. Remove the side pieces away from the square form by slicing inward along the side.
3. Cut across the t-shirt just under the sleeve and cut off the hem.
4. Slide a piece of cardboard or foil inside the shirt to prevent the ink from going through to the other side.
5. Hold the round end of the potato stamp, place your stamp onto the fabric paint, and stamp your pattern on the fabric.
6. To “set” your printed design, follow the fabric paint’s instructions.

Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham. Copyright © 2009. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, AMMO Books, Los Angeles, CA.


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